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The Future of CNC Milling

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

One of our customers in Northern California was doing a high production job in 4130 that was 36 rockwell. They were using solid carbide endmills using a high speed-style tool path and were getting decent results.

Our NorCal Application Specialist, Alec Daniel, went into the shop and proposed switching to a high feed indexible tool; the Pramet BNGX style cutters. After applying all the parameters needed, we will save the customer $100,000.00 in costs for every 2500 parts they run.

That’s a pretty massive savings considering they produce 2500 parts per year.

Here's what Alec has to say about choosing this particular tool for the job:

"I selected the ISBN10-C / BNGX high feed mill to run at this end user because I’ve had a lot of success with it at other customers in the past. I really believe that high feed mills are the future of CNC milling because with solid endmills you are paying for a lot of carbide, whereas with a high feed mill you are only paying for a little carbide insert and replacing those inserts when they go bad. Its' way more cost effective to buy the inserts and put them on a 1” body compared to paying over $200 every time an endmill goes out.
With a high feed mill you are also able to run the tool at much faster feed rates than you could with a carbide endmill. The BNGX high feed mill is one of those tools that I recommend to every customer that is doing a milling process because it's tried and true, and I know that if I get an opportunity to run this tool it is almost always a guaranteed win."

The material before machining weighs 84 pounds, and when it’s finished, weighs 4 pounds. That means we’re removing 80 pounds of material. That’s why efficiency is ultra important on this specific job.

Pramet items used:

1” high feed 5 flute

3/4” high feed 3 flute


3/4” and 5/8” solid carbide end mills


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