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3 Wins for PSI and Pramet

Bye Bye Bird Nest

We had an opportunity at a shop in Kent, WA, to help them with a sawing job. After getting a win with a Wikus blade, we realized they were having trouble on the other side of the shop cutting Carpenter 465 on an ID Bore on their lathe.

Troy noticed 5 different brands of inserts on the table; Walter, Kennametal, Seco, Sandvik, and Ingersol. None of them were able to break a chip and achieve the chip control needed to get through even one part. He ran out to his truck to grab an insert he knew would work.

As soon as they put it in the machine, they had complete success. No stopping to have to pull out a bird nest of chips! Three parts later, the customer was thrilled and placed an order for 3 boxes of inserts (in addition to the saw blades!) to start.

What makes it even better is that the cost of the Pramet insert is 30-40% less than the competition.

Pramet Strikes Again

Pramet ISBN 10 strikes again - this time in WA - with another huge conversion in inconel against Tungaloy!

We ran the tool at 135 SFM at .022 IPT at .030 DOC.

Not only did we destroy the competition on tool life, our insert is much less expensive.

Lathe Shopping

One of our customers is shopping for a new lathe, and here’s why this is great news…

Because of our efficiency in programming and using Pramet inserts, they have increased the POs from 300 pieces per month to 12,000 per month, allowing for the purchase of another lathe.

We want to help your shop be our next success story!

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