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Dormer Pramet is a leading global manufacturer of metal cutting tools and related products.

A wide variety of rotary and indexable tooling from our brands Precision Twist Drill, Union Butterfield, Dormer and Pramet means we deliver holemaking, turning, milling and threading tools for general engineering and multi- application production environments.

  • Over 40K SKU’s

  • Special Tools Available Comprehensive Website and eShop

  • Flat Rate Shipping

  • 24-hour Delivery Available

  • ISO 9001 Quality Certified


5th Axis is headquartered in San Diego, CA and was founded in 2004 as a CNC job shop with just one machine. Eighteen years later, we have expanded to over one hundred 3, 4, and 5 axis machines manufacturing many different parts on a daily basis.

Surviving the unique hurdles of the machining industry is no small task; since 2004 we have evolved into a robust shop that can withstand complex and ever-evolving manufacturing challenges.

This success has come largely through innovation. After years of research with some of the best engineering and machinist talent on the planet, we have developed manufacturing processes and patented tooling systems that allow us to stay efficient, competitive and cost effective.


WIKUS is known for precision, quality and maximum performance. Since 1958 we use the highest quality raw materials, leading-edge manufacturing methods and continuous quality assurance to guarantee the highest standards when producing our high-tech band saw blades. At the same time we set product and technology trends through our innovative research and development.

WIKUS stands for:

  • consistent high quality

  • 100 % manufacturing in Germany

  • focus on high customer satisfaction

  • demand-oriented development through our own in-house research and development

  • partnership and expertise

  • process stability according to DIN EN ISO 9001

  • 60 years of experience, Europe’s largest band saw blade manufacturer

  • sustainability, protection of resources and environment


ETP transmission AB, after being in business for more than 40 years, has successfully developed products for 3 business or application areas: metalworking, woodworking, power transmission under the registered trademarks ETP® and ETP HYDRO-GRIP®.


ETP Transmission AB is a leader in hydraulic clamping and centering products. Our business concept and all products are based upon the hydraulic principle. The ETP high precision products offer quick assembly and disassembly. In other words, you can fit your tools or components quickly, easily, and precisely, and run at high speeds. Within a few seconds you achieve perfect centering and fastening, simply by the tightening of only one screw, saving you time and money.



KYOCERA SGS Precision Tools (KSPT) is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified manufacturer of industry leading round solid carbide cutting tools. State of the art manufacturing and warehouse facilities have the capacity and processes to meet the quality and delivery demands of customers in all markets around the world. Complete inspections performed within its metallurgical lab and manufacturing quality departments ensure the use of high quality carbide and reliable manufacturing consistency regardless of when a cutting tool is produced.


KSPT is proud to have pioneered some of the world’s most advanced cutting technologies due to rigorous testing of tools, coatings, and materials within its Global Innovation Center. It is this commitment to innovation that has launched patented products and technologies like the Z-Carb with its variable geometry and cutting edge preparation, Series 43 APR® and APF® ultra high performance aluminum cutting tools, and the JetStream coolant technology.


SGS has become an important part of the KYOCERA Precision Tools family, and while the name has changed, one thing has not. Its dedicated people and their relentless commitment to the customer. KSPT Technical Sales Engineers, Application Specialists, and Distribution Partners blanket the globe, delivering reliable service and support to all market segments. It is these people and products that drive innovative application strategies and cutting tool technologies into the end user, continually exceeding expectations and providing the most Value at the Spindle® .

SGS w_out kyocera.png


Prime Tool specializes in manufacturing tool holders of the finest quality as well as high-precision machine parts. In addition to quality, Prime Tool is able to maintain a commitment towards saving Earth’s resources through the utilization of efficient machining. In part, this is accomplished from using the most advanced facilities in the world. To ensure that our tool holders not only meet, but exceed the demands for High-Speed, High-Precision and High-Performance machining, we solely manufacture with state of the art equipment such as More-Seiki, Studer, Brown & Sharpe, Leitz, and many others.

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