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Performance Specialty Inc was started in 2020 by Troy Daniel in Southern California. We have expanded into covering more territory, and today PSI covers 7 states and is made up of Troy and his two sons Alec and Devin. We are proud to be family owned and family run!​


PSI was created out of 35 years experience in the manufacturing industry. We have the knowledge and expertise to recommend your unique tooling solution, plus the integrity and follow through to put your mind at ease. 


This is your place for Engineered Tooling Solutions. ​​



Troy Headshot.png


Founder, CEO, Application Specialist

Troy has been involved with manufacturing since 1986 and has experience in many areas of the industry. He spent the first twenty years of his career in the shop as a machinist and programmer. Then, from 2006 to current, he was a sales engineer, national application specialist, and regional sales manager. 

Troy loves seeing the manufacturing process turn into a finished part. He feels fortunate to work in an industry he genuinely enjoys and respects, and that passion is what PSI was created from. 

Troy's extensive experience allows him to understand the industry from all perspectives, which allows him to serve our customers really well. He places a very high value on relationships and works intensely at finding the best engineered solution for his customers.

Troy lives in Winlock, WA. In his free time, you can find him on his Harley, cooking on the Traeger, camping, or enjoying a craft IPA. 




Application Specialist

Northern California + Nevada

Alec has been in the Cutting Tool industry since 2020, and before that worked for two years in HVAC. He enjoys the problem solving aspect of manufacturing; how everything is always different from the last, and how each new challenge requires creating a new solution.

Alec brings fresh energy, motivation and leadership to our customers in Northern California and Nevada.

He lives in South San Francisco, CA and loves surfing and anything outdoors.




Application Specialist

Southern California + Arizona

Devin has been in the Cutting Tool industry since 2020 as a cutting tool Sales Engineer and  has 3 1/2 years experience running a distribution warehouse. He’s been in sales since he was 16 years old, and loves serving our customers in Southern California and Arizona.

Devin likes spending time with family more than anything, and enjoys doing outdoor action sports like snowboarding and surfing. He lives in Temecula, CA.


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