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The Faces of PSI: Marketing

Hey everyone, it’s Becca!

I joined the PSI team full time in May 2023 after running my own fitness business for ten years. God has a way of working things out, and that’s exactly what happened.

In 2012, I was living in Minneapolis and decided to move to L.A. and pursue a career as a fitness trainer. I made a promise to myself that I’d stay for a year, no matter what. One year turned into six of the most transformative years of my life. I started working as a trainer in a women’s gym, and after about a year and a half was able to say my final good-bye to being an employee and work independently. I’ve never looked back!

Navigating Covid gym shut-downs turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I transitioned all my clients to online training sessions for what was supposed to be a temporary thing. When gyms re-opened I realized I preferred working online, so I kept it that way and expanded more into the online fitness space by offering group classes in addition to personal sessions.

I met Troy in April 2020 and we got married a year later. I will never forget the first time he explained to me what he did for work and how I wished he would just please speak English! The world of manufacturing, tooling, and machining was completely foreign to me.

Thanks to the flexibility of my online business and a new work opportunity for Troy, we were able to happily leave California and move to Washington right before we got married. We love being in the Pacific Northwest.

Having an online business required me to learn online marketing, and it turned out to be something I really enjoyed. Creating fitness-related content like blogs and videos was so fun for me. I especially loved talking about the connection between workout stuff and other “life” stuff. Marketing never got old or boring. But I was getting burned out at leading workouts.

Meanwhile, PSI was gaining momentum, and Troy was struggling to do everything himself. He needed to be out doing sales; calling on customers is what he thrives on. I started helping him out part-time with the stuff he didn’t have time for, and the rest is history!

I’m so excited to be part of PSI and help take it to the next level.

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