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Dormer Pramet is a leading global manufacturer of metal cutting tools and related products.

A wide variety of rotary and indexable tooling from our brands Precision Twist Drill, Union Butterfield, Dormer and Pramet means we deliver holemaking, turning, milling and threading tools for general engineering and multi-application production environments.

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Representative for WA, OR, CA, AZ, NV, AK, HI

  We have expanded our offer for true 90° shoulder milling in various materials.

With improved cost per edge, the new range of TNGX16 inserts and STN16 cutters, provide an economical solution for multiple applications. The larger double-sided inserts have six-cutting edges, providing greater depths of cut (up to 10mm) and higher feed compared to the existing TNGX10 range. ​

  By offering low cutting resistance, the assortment improves the connection between passes, creating an excellent surface quality. This reduction in forces leads to a smooth, quiet machining for additional process security.


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   Our double-sided SNGX11 insert supports high feed milling up to 1.7mm depths of cut.

   A strong main cutting edge ensures high durability and process security – especially when machining corners inside a pocket.

   With eight cutting edges, the square-shaped SNGX11 also represents an extremely economical solution in a variety of materials.



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  We have launched an economical range of high feed cutters and inserts for productive machining of a wide variety of materials.

  The versatile Pramet SBN10 cutters are suitable for copy milling, ramping, helical interpolation, slotting and plunging. Its unique pocket design can also carry inserts for shoulder and face milling, offering a complete package for mold and die applications, from roughing to finishing.

  To support this addition, we have introduced an assortment of BNGX10 inserts for high feed roughing. The patented double sided insert with four cutting edges provides an economical and versatile option.

  Its design makes it suitable for high feed roughing even with long overhang, while being compatible with three geometries covering most machined materials. Geometry M is for steels and cast irons, MM for low carbon steels, stainless steels and super alloys, while HM is suitable for hardened steel.


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   The taps, branded Shark Line, are easily recognizable by their color ring coding on the shank which identifies material suitability and supports quick and easy tool selection.

   Yellow Shark is for structural, carbon and low alloy steels, Red Shark for alloy steels, Blue Shark for stainless steels and White Shark for cast irons.

   Specifically developed for North America and marketed under our Dormer brand, the Shark Line is available in standard ANSI shank and square with DIN overall length.


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   Interchangeable solid carbide head drills for high performance machining of steels, stainless steels and cast iron. 

   Proven in drilling structural steel beams used in the construction industry. One of the most reliably accurate interchangeable head drills available.   

   Fail-safe head location can be changed without ejecting the drill from the machine.

   Available with coolant feed across the full range and a choice of HSS bodies to support drilling to 1.5xD, 3xD, 5xD, 8xD and 12xD.


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